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GOST Overland



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Discover the ultimate connectivity solution for your vehicle's security and surveillance needs with GOST MAXLiNK. This innovative product harnesses the power of multi-carrier access, ensuring unparalleled reliability. With GOST MAXLiNK, you’re always connected, thanks to its ability to seamlessly switch among four major cellular providers, guaranteeing optimal data connection and throughput. Its standout feature is the automatic multi-carrier failover, which combines networks for expansive coverage, minimal signal loss, and enhanced performance.

Installation is a breeze with GOST MAXLiNK’s plug-and-play setup, requiring no complex APN programming. Plus, it’s ready for global use with its configurable international capabilities. This multi-functional wireless 4G LTE device supports both Cat.7 & Cat.13, along with Wi-Fi, providing robust LTE coverage through MCS technology. Elevate your maritime communication and security systems with the broadest coverage footprint available, all in one easy-to-install device.

Key Features:

  • CPU & Memory: Equipped with a powerful RTL8197FH-VG5-CG main CPU and 128MB of memory, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
  • Connectivity Options: Features include a Micro SIM slot, along with four Wi-Fi external antennas (two for 2.4GHz and two for 5.8GHz frequencies) and two external LTE antennas for broad and reliable coverage.
  • Ports & MIMO Technology: Offers four LAN Ethernet ports and one WAN port, all supporting speeds up to 1000Mbps, complemented by 2*2 MU-MIMO technology for enhanced data transmission.
  • Indicators & Buttons: Comes with an intuitive LED interface, including power, VSIM, LTE, Wi-Fi, SIM, signal, and WAN/LAN indicators, as well as reset and WPS buttons for easy setup and troubleshooting.
  • Durability & Design: Designed to operate within a broad temperature range (0°C to 40°C for working conditions, and -30°C to 70°C for storage), housed in a sturdy metal shell. Its dimensions are 18013030mm, and it weighs under 1500g, packaging included, making it a robust yet compact addition to your vessel’s equipment.
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